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Museum of the History of Polish Jews – Combining the past with the future in an openwork structure.

We’ve had a permanent presence in Poland since 1998. Today, we have three offices located in Warsaw, Krakow and Belgrade (Serbia). We deliver the most ingenious, sustainable and innovative solutions, with full understanding of the Client’s aims and business targets. Our breadth of experience and expertise, with access to Arup’s specialist global network, enables us to undertake projects of every scale.

145Members of staff in the country

2Offices across Poland

Office locations



Kraków is the second city in Poland by population and the biggest cultural and business centre in the southern part of the country.

Our presence in Kraków since 2002 has resulted in a growing staff of 50 accredited professionals, who have worked on numerous remarkable projects especially in the fields of arts and culture, healthcare, masterplanning, bridges, water and waste.

Our exemplary projects delivered in Kraków area and in the South of Poland are Kraków International Congress Centre, Water Treatment Plant in Płaszów, numerous industrial facilities for Cadbury, Valeo, Sopem and others.

Together with colleagues from other Arup offices, our Kraków engineers work on many projects in Europe and around the world.

Jacek Zalewski

56 Przybyszewskiego Street
30-128 Kraków
Poland +48 (0) 12 292 2230 Krakow, local time - 7:31 PM View on Google Maps