Microgrids. Credit: Samuel Zeller; Microgrids. Credit: Samuel Zeller;

Balancing urban microgrids in future planned communities, London and Hong Kong

Working together with University of Greenwich on innovative microgrid research

Arup is collaborating with the University of Greenwich on pioneering microgrid research.

Together we are analysing the energy balancing requirements for new planned residential developments with local distributed energy resources (DER), such as new towns in China, our work also covers decentralised storage and intelligent energy management systems.

Addressing the challenges of microgrids

Operating the electrical power supply for new towns as microgrids brings challenges. These include the need to balance load consumption against on-site energy production, available storage capacity (including electric vehicles charging points) and supply from the grid. This research project will help to understand and address these.

Researchers will model the distinct characteristics of urban microgrids, to identify and quantify the balancing requirements. They will then develop an intelligent energy management system, to address these balancing requirements. They will also assess to what extent microgrids increase the resilience of electricity grids.

This research project is the winner of the Arup Global Research Challenge.