EIA for 89MW Bagasse / Coal Fired Power Plant, Savannah

Environmental Impact Assessment undertaken

Arup's extensive experience in the preparation of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) for a wide range of development and infrastructure projects in Mauritius, including several power plants, provided a sound basis for undertaking the EIA for the new 89MW coal / bagasse power plant at Savannah on the south of the island.

A requirement of the funder was that the EIA should be undertaken in accordance with the Equator Principles which among other things places greater emphasis on stakeholder consultation.

The commission included the development of an Environmental Monitoring Plan which addressed such issues as; emissions and air quality, surface and groundwater contamination, transportation, treatment and disposal of by-products. Particular attention was given to the impact on available water resources and the end-of-life impacts.

Arup undertook emission modelling using the US Environment Protection Agency’s ISSCity3 software. This informed the acceptable minimum exit velocity for gases from the stack, which was checked against the different air-feed combustion requirements for both fuel types.