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Innovation Island, Aviles ; Innovation Island, Aviles ;

Innovation Island, Aviles, Asturias

Sustainable regeneration for an industrial waterfront

Innovation Island is an ambitious project in which the city of Aviles, Spain, will regenerate its marine waterfront with an environmental town-planning process.

After more than five decades of industry, the aim of the project is the physical and socioeconomic regeneration of 50ha of land.

Sustainability strategy

Originally focused on the construction of the Oscar Niemeyer Cultural Centre, the project's scope was expanded to include a range of other developments.

Arup is responsible for the engineering and sustainability strategy, with mobility as one of the key elements of the plan. The design boasts extensive space for pedestrians and cyclists as well as a fast, efficient, economical transport system linking the island with the rest of the city.

The sustainability plan includes cost savings, energy efficiency, consideration for existing industry, water quality improvements and modification of the river banks for the benefit of residents.

Infrastructure integration

Construction will be coordinated with a rail and road integration project and a proposal to develop a canal that will give Aviles a distinctive image and separate it from the surrounding industry.

The project will create mixed-use facilities for residential accommodation, hotels, offices, shopping centres and restore exhibition and congress space. Attractions will include a sports marina able to receive cruises and the 'American Palace' – a building designed to represent the culture of the area's Asturian immigrants.

The plan will create a rich, diverse, lively area and help turn the Oviedo-Gijon-Aviles triangle into a growing, prominent European city.