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Kinsale Head structural modifications, Celtic Sea

Gas field development comprising two offshore platforms

The Kinsale Head gas field development comprises two offshore platforms with associated subsea pipelines and facilities. Arup provides ongoing structural engineering support for both platforms, and holds and maintains the topsides structural models.

This gas field is located in the Celtic Sea, 50km off the south coast of Ireland, in a water depth of 90m. The field was developed in 1977 using two steel-jacketed platforms, Kinsale Alpha and Bravo. Since the early 1990s, Arup has been involved in a number of structural modifications to the original platforms, including subsea field developments that have required the addition of major cantilever structures.

Arup has provided topsides structural engineering services on all of these projects and has also provided structural advice on the platform jackets, and for decommissioning studies. Arup fulfils project management and co-ordination roles on many of the above projects.

Arup has been involved in numerous structural modifications including: a new 800 tonne compression cantilever and 400 tonne process cantilever; the addition of risers, j-tubes, and ship fenders on the platform jacket legs; blast wall modifications; crane replacements; and wellhead protection structures.

Analysis of the complete platform deck has been carried out for a large number of static load permutations, dynamic response characteristics and fatigue loading conditions using SACS. Arup holds and maintains the topsides structural model for both platforms.