Illustration of transport means in a city. Credit: Arup; Illustration of transport means in a city. Credit: Arup;

oneTRANSPORT, United Kingdom

Improving travel experiences for customers and generating new revenues for local authorities

Imagine if you had an app that drew in data from numerous transport networks to plan your journey across multiple methods of transport. Live information could predict whether you were going to be late before you even left home, and give you the opportunity to leave earlier, use a different mode of transport that wasn’t so congested or maybe avoid a wasted journey.

Such a scenario might sound revolutionary, but the fact is we have all the technology that we need to realise this today. The oneTRANSPORT project, in part funded by Innovate UK, aims to enable the smart application of data by addressing the existing challenges in transportation systems by using Internet of Things (IoT) technology in an open and transparent manner. As part of the consortium behind the project, Arup is providing smart mobility advice as well as industry promotion and facilitation.

Changing the way we travel

The project aims to enable multimodal transport information, such as live information about rail delays, traffic jams, or disruption to be easily published by data owners (e.g. transport authorities and third parties) through personalised services. Once published this data can be accessed nationally by transport authorities, application developers and others to develop new services to create better journeys for passengers.

This will bring about improved travel experiences for customers and generate new revenues for local authorities on a truly nationwide basis. Further benefits will include reduced vehicle emissions, fuel usage and traveller frustration through decreased congestion and avoidance of unnecessary journeys. Ultimately delivering a better transport experience for users and a better digital built environment for everyone affected by transport networks.

Next step

Following the successful first phase feasibility study, the project team are preparing for a substantial in-field trial demonstrating geographic interoperability, financial viability and operational benefits, ultimately providing a potential blue print for UK roll out over the next 3-5 years


Arup is part of a consortium of partners who proposed the oneTRANSPORT project in response to the ‘IntegratedTransport’ initiative launched by Innovate UK (the UK Technology Strategy Board). In July 2015oneTRANSPORT was awarded the £3.5 million contract, part funded by Innovate UK.

The Consortium

The 11 partners in the oneTRANSPORT project are Arup, InterDigital Europe, Buckinghamshire County Council,Clearview Traffic Group, Hertfordshire County Council, Highways England, Imperial College London, Northamptonshire County Council, Oxfordshire County Council, Traak Systems and World Sensing.