Arup branded VR Headset. Photo: Paul Carstairs; Arup branded VR Headset. Photo: Paul Carstairs;

Virtual reality headset, London

Creating a design for an industrial Virtual Reality headset that helps clients visualise future projects

Our product designers delivered a new industrial design for a Virtual Reality headset, working in collaboration with our visualisation and acoustic teams. The headset integrates high resolution 360° viewing, noise cancelling headphones and a ‘Leap Motion’ sensor which scans the user’s hands so that they can interact with objects in virtual environments.

The headset allows people to better experience virtual architectural, infrastructure and transport environments at an early stage, giving a better understanding how the environment will look, sound and feel during the design process. It is intended for use across a range of presentation events and design workshops.

The product design team focused on developing a headset that young and old users could comfortably wear, resulting in a more integrated, lighter design, compared to off-the-shelf headsets associated with virtual reality gaming.

The semi-transparent front visor implies augmented vision and an elasticated strap with integrated headphones was developed to ensure the device is comfortable to wear and to put on and take off. It also accommodates a range of head shapes and sizes. The headset's light weight allows users to easily pass it between colleagues.

Arup’s visualisation team used the headset alongside green screen image technology, 3D CAD models, panoramic visual recordings and audio techniques to create an immersive virtual reality environment.