Waste. Credit: Jon Moore; Waste. Credit: Jon Moore;

Resources and Waste


Resources and Waste

Arup works with clients from environmental planning to the design of waste-to-energy plants – with a commitment to saving vital resources and minimising waste.

A sustainable business

Arup understands the life cycle of products, urban development and strategic resources such as water and energy. This understanding allows us to take an integrated approach to the effective management of resources and waste.

We help clients rethink their use of finite resources through improved design and development of streamlined systems. We find better ways to prevent, reuse, recycle and recover energy from waste.

Arup delivers solutions through the entire waste lifecycle, from waste management strategies and waste servicing solutions, to designs for recycling and waste-to-energy facilities that are innovative, sustainable and affordable.

Lincolnshire Energy from waste. Credit: Thomas Graham Lincolnshire Energy from waste. Credit: Thomas Graham

Global experience

Managing waste and using resources wisely are global issues. From the latest technologies to recover resources and energy from waste, to practices that make landfills less damaging to people’s health and the environment, our practical experience with public and private sector clients worldwide brings understanding of the application of these solutions across many contexts.

Our global network combines local insight with world-leading expertise. We tailor teams of specialists to match clients’ needs, whether they require strategic, technical or environmental advice; planning or business case modelling; infrastructure design for waste facilities or project management.

In Sydney, the city authority commissioned Arup to assess waste treatment options and develop a management strategy. Our team addressed highly complex issues in a sector where technology is emerging and often unproven to develop and assess a realistic business case, and a public/private financing and operating model.

Joined-up delivery

Arup’s versatility and innovative culture bring fresh thinking to each step in the resource and waste lifecycle. Stakeholders may involve us at different times in a project, but we still join up our experience to tackle the big picture.

North East New Territories. Credit: Marcel Lam Photography North East New Territories. Credit: Marcel Lam Photography

In Hong Kong, high population density puts huge demand on local waste disposal. Arup’s feasibility study for the North East New Territories landfill extension helped the government respond to concern that landfill capacity would run out before more sustainable infrastructure could be developed.

Arup led the design of a significant sludge treatment facility that significantly reduces the amount of sewage waste sent to Hong Kong landfills. Operational since 2015, the facility generates electricity by incinerating the sludge left after wastewater treatment. The plant processes 2,000 tonnes of sludge per day, two thirds of which comes from Stonecutters Island Sewage Treatment Works – which Arup also helped to upgrade.