Smart mobility Route 8 Tsing Yi to Cheung Sha Wan Highway; Smart mobility Route 8 Tsing Yi to Cheung Sha Wan Highway;


Smart mobility

We provide tailored, robust solutions that deliver smarter and more sustainable transport mobility.

We provide tailored, robust solutions that deliver smarter and more sustainable transport mobility.

Arup helps transport authorities and city planners to achieve more from their transport networks. We understand that efficient and reliable transport systems are the key to creating truly smart cities. Our smart mobility solutions have been designed to help tackle pollution, reduce congestion and create seamless, efficient travel experiences for users.

Enabling smarter transport

Our approach to mobility focuses on the unique operational requirements of our clients and the user needs of travelers. We combine operational and information technologies to satisfy growing peak demand while attaining environmental and user-experience targets.

Our holistic approach enables transport systems to cope with changing technology capabilities, social expectations, and economic and environmental priorities. This is illustrated by our work on the Route 8 traffic control and surveillance system (TCSS) in Hong Kong that helped reduce both costs and technical complexity on the world’s largest TCSS.

An expert understanding of the transport domain together with data and digital services allows us to create innovative next generation travel experiences across cities. As collaborators on the UK oneTRANSPORT project we are working to help improve travel experiences by facilitating access to better quality and more timely multi-modal transport data.

A tailored service approach

We can implement smarter approaches to every component of a transport network. Our services include providing concept and feasibility studies, developing detailed designs and specifications, managing public consultations and stakeholder engagement, ensuring effective risk management, and helping to implement ongoing asset management strategies.

We always focus on the key goals of our clients. For example, we plan traffic signal and car parking guidance systems to keep traffic moving in towns and maximise efficiency and utilisation of car parks and reduce environmental impacts. On highways, we design motorway control systems which enable hard shoulder running and variable speed limits to increase capacity and support safety initiatives.

Our expertise ranges from providing research and consultancy services, including the UK Government Traffic Management Technology Framework to upgrading urban traffic signal systems in Limerick City.

Defining smarter mobility

Our goal is to create environments where more people can enjoy integrated and seamless journeys. To achieve this, we work with governments and seek to influence policy and strategy on the smart application of intelligent transport systems.

We are heavily involved with the Intelligent Transport Systems around the world and Arup has been appointed to provide research and consultancy services for traffic management technology under national frameworks that promote mobility solutions.

We offer a truly smarter approach to transport.