A passenger at Dubai Airport travels through the airport; A passenger at Dubai Airport travels through the airport;

Dubai International - Improving Passenger Experience, Dubai

How to improve passenger experience at one of the Middle East's busiest airports?

Arup has been tasked with the challenge of helping Dubai International boost their capacity and grow traffic, from 90million to 118million passengers by 2023, whilst improving service levels in one of the busiest international airports in the world, without building anything.

Using technology and implementing efficient, customer centric processes are essential components of responding to this challenge and where Arup has been at the forefront, helping to improve the passenger experience.

Arup has brought its technology expertise to the project to tackle the challenges being faced by Dubai International by bringing together a series of small, low cost projects in a clever way using open-data sharing. This has enabled people working for different organisations at the airport to collaborate in improving the efficiency of operations and the passenger experience.

By providing a robust technical solution, we have used our aviation experience to develop a first and second order information and decision-making toolset based on machine-assisted learning.

Arup’s methods of using the data to help streamline operations has helped the airport to deliver improvements in passenger satisfaction, the reduction and re-allocation of operational staff to prevent and mitigate potential queuing events, improved ACI/ASQ (Airports Council International/Airport Service Quality) scores and increases in non-aeronautical revenue.

Project Summary

9 Transfer security queuing times reduced from 14 minutes to under 5 minutes

23% increase in through-put as a result of rescreening processes

118mis the potential future capacity of Dubai International