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Combining innate knowledge of the built environment with new technologies to shape a better world. 

Combining innate knowledge of the built environment with new technologies to shape a better world. 

Digital technology, IoT data and applications allow organisations to reimagine how they design, build and manage assets. We help clients transform their goals into reality by enhancing the performance of capital projects and infrastructure through the use of digital technology.

Our practitioners apply multi-sector expertise across four key service areas. 


Technology has the power to transform the performance of capital projects and infrastructure. We help clients define their goals and map a path to success, enabled by digital technology. Advisory projects include digital masterplanning, and policy and governance framework development for major transport and real estate clients.

Systems and change

Technology and systems have a significant impact on the employees that use them, and the processes they apply. We combine extensive systems design and architecture experience with change management support to protect digital investments and realise transformation objectives. 


Capturing and interpreting data is the first step towards informed asset management and improved performance. We deliver insights to our clients through visualisations, analytics and web-based tools designed to engage and inform.

The Studio

Our digital design studio puts users at the heart of everything we do, from the technology we develop, to the spaces we create. Our designers undertake projects such as wayfinding and stakeholder engagement for some of the world's leading public and private institutions. 

Digital tools like data-driven analysis are already helping us improve how assets are designed and constructed. We can enhance the experience of the people who interact with them, and analyse how these assets will perform in future. ” Rick Robinson Rick Robinson Arup's Digital Property and Cities Leader

Our experience

White Collar Factory

White Collar Factory aspired to become a workplace that minimised its impact on the environment whilst being responsive to occupant needs.

We digitally modelled hundreds of scenarios to ensure the building was resilient in the face of climate change, whilst digital technology tracked and analysed building performance that enable the occupants to tailor spaces at the touch of a button.

The factory now delivers an annual energy savings of 33%, a 25% carbon footprint reduction, and generated a 15-20% capital cost reduction.

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Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport needed to improve the efficiency of its baggage handling system to enhance productivity and create smoother passenger journeys. 

Using a fully integrated model, Heathrow could see its employees, IT systems and passengers interacted through each stage of the current process, for the first time. 

Our insights enabled Heathrow to make informed decisions on how to manage the future baggage handling system to ensure maximum efficiency and a better experience for its customers. 

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The Crown Estate

The Crown Estate wanted to significantly reduce carbon emissions across its central London portfolio. 

To achieve this, we gathered detailed heating and ventilation information using intelligent building technology that shared energy usage data with owners and occupants.

Our approach delivered energy and financial savings and moved Crown towards highly efficient building maintenance, where minor issues are corrected before they become problems. Applying this performance-based approach to maintenance will also reduce future operational costs. 

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Network Rail

Network Rail needed a fast and effective way to track maintenance and developments across its Wessex Route. 

We developed an app that delivered accurate information directly to staff across all workstreams and locations. This single source of truth visualised progress and removed information siloes and duplication. 

Network Rail’s ability to accurately track and visualise all developments along the Wessex Route resulted in significant efficiency gains over a three-year period. 

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Manchester University Edit BIM model Manchester University Edit BIM model

Digital orchestrates construction

We are helping lead the way towards total adoption of standardised Buildings Information Modelling (BIM).

We are constantly innovating in the way we use this combination of technologies to speed up processes, enable widespread collaboration and be more creative in what we can imagine together. The data we generate at this stage also forms the basis of effective operational management.